Cardio Counts!

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Cardio Respiratory Fitness (CRF) is the most underrated and overlooked when compared to resistance training , especially to the fellas. You know what I mean fellas. If this is not you, take note next time you’re in the gym…most guys will only lift weight to build the external muscle for looks not functionality. They usually […]

Posture Perfect Patterns

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Your posture is everything when it comes to exercise, sitting , standing, lying down, lifting, pulling, pushing and living  life in general. There is more than a few things you can do on your own to self evaluate your posture on a daily basis. Awareness is key to recognizing poor posture,  you must first identify […]

What? Exercise has benefits?!?

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So you’ve decided to get started with a new exercise regimen. Great! Let’s weigh the pros and the cons. Pros: cardiovascular improvement, noticeable strength gains, increased flexibility, healthy sleep patterns, emotional & physical stamina,  longer life expectancy, speed & agility, prevents diseases, elevates the body’s immunity, those perfect sized __  jeans or that muscle T-shirt… […]

The Calisthenic Truth

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The best way to describe calisthenics is by actually doing them. They need no verbal introduction, because the body will speak for itself when you commit to any level of this ancient way of exercise. Rhythmical movements with the body weight of a person is all that is required to get into great shape, with […]

Functional Training

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“Functional Training” is definitely fundamental in ANY exercise regimen. This type of training classifies exercises that mimic & train the body for activities performed in daily life.  It can be added to a variety of  exercise programs and should be. Bodybuilders, swimmers, martial artists, runners, clerics, children, seniors, and yes, even people with  specific rehabilitative […]