Cardio Counts!

Cardio Respiratory Fitness (CRF) is the most underrated and overlooked when compared to resistance training , especially to the fellas. You know what I mean fellas. If this is not you, take note next time you’re in the gym…most guys will only lift weight to build the external muscle for looks not functionality. They usually work the upper body, with no core or cardio effort at all! I’ve also seen droves of ladies in the gym that are guilty of putting sole emphasis on cardio, while neglecting resistance training. This is no bueno either. Balance is the key to all things!

Here’s the beans, cardio and resistance exercise should be done in combination to optimize the body’s natural abilities starting from the inside out.

The point of CRF is to increase strength in the lungs, heart, functional endurance and strength. This type of training brings mental clarity,  oxygen, maximized nutrient absorption, and the prevention of cardiac diseases!

What are you waiting for? Stop reading this blog (at least for the next 30 minutes) and get the blood pumping! Happy sweating!

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