What? Exercise has benefits?!?

So you’ve decided to get started with a new exercise regimen. Great! Let’s weigh the pros and the cons.

Pros: cardiovascular improvement, noticeable strength gains, increased flexibility, healthy sleep patterns, emotional & physical stamina,  longer life expectancy, speed & agility, prevents diseases, elevates the body’s immunity, those perfect sized __  jeans or that muscle T-shirt…

Cons: if you don’t first consult with a doctor, fail to warm up adequately, or use exercise equipment incorrectly, injury is possible. If you exercise too strenuously, fatigue may interfere with other daily tasks. Other than natural  risk, THERE IS NO CON!

It’s not about stacking up lots of weights, getting overly sore, while munching cardboard throughout the day to affect change in your life! It’s  ultimately about your approach. It starts in the mind, then slowly but surely, exercise takes center stage in the body. Why exercise….why not?




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