Functional Training

“Functional Training” is definitely fundamental in ANY exercise regimen. This type of training classifies exercises that mimic & train the body for activities performed in daily life.  It can be added to a variety of  exercise programs and should be.

Bodybuilders, swimmers, martial artists, runners, clerics, children, seniors, and yes, even people with  specific rehabilitative needs can benefit! There is enough functional creativity to go around for everyone.

The use of  machines, are meant to target and isolate specific muscles in linear positions. That means a limited range of motion, flexibility, and of course limited functionality is a factor. These limitations have no bearing on the natural movements we make in daily life or during sports activities.

Increased mobility, muscular endurance, balance, strength and creativity come along with functional training and a little motivation!

Come in today to get your FREE one on one progressive, functional training session today!


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