The Calisthenic Truth

The best way to describe calisthenics is by actually doing them. They need no verbal introduction, because the body will speak for itself when you commit to any level of this ancient way of exercise.

Rhythmical movements with the body weight of a person is all that is required to get into great shape, with no extra equipment. Movements like bending, kicking, jumping, twisting, pulling, pushing, are all forms of resistance training, and can be utilized ANYWHERE with no excuses!

Building lean, but not bulky muscle with this form of exercise is a given.  It is considered more functional to use calisthenics in combination with additional weights to increase intensity and make greater strength gains. Thank goodness for the options at TOROS FITNESS!

Using body weight as an overall approach to your workout is an ideal way to start most exercise programs, given the total body effort versus the isolated effects of machines or free weights alone.  Calisthenics promote the natural balance of muscular, tendon, ligament strength and development in the average working person, the extreme athlete, and people with special needs.

Come to Toros Fitness to see what mixing up calisthenics with functional weight training can do for your body!  Sign up at the front desk to set up your free Calisthenic Fitness Assessment today with Tucson’s best!

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